Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Credit Where Credit is Due in Full by the Thirtieth of the Month.

Do you ever wake up and hear music that is not really there? This morning I woke up to The Cranberries “Zombie”, it was very loud and very vivid. I reached over to turn off the malfunctioning alarm clock only to determine that it was not the culprit, rolled over to look at the stereo and TV to find both were off. So I conceded, I mean if you are going to give up and listen to a song that you aren’t playing by your own will, there are a lot worse songs than Zombie that you could be stuck listening to.

I would like to take a moment that I do in fact like The Cranberries, and Zombie is one of my favorite songs of all time so **raspberry** if you feel otherwise.

Back to the story. Naturally I started singing along to it, that’s what I do.

On another side note, if you are trying to develop your fem voice, singing along to female singers is a great way to do it. The down side to this is that you can only stand so many show tunes and the Andrews Sisters, and to many great female artists sing in a pitch, with so much range, or in such a way that it is actually counter to picking up fem speaking characteristics. So, pick carefully, you don’t want to sound like a guy with a falsetto or Janis Joplin.

Okay, back to the story again. SO, I started singing, and the music stopped…. I got out of bed, and the house was empty, and everything in the bedroom capable of making crystal clear music was off and in proper order. I then started to look for The Cranberries CD, which I would like to add that I also own a copy of it on tape too in case you were unaware of how old the album was. The elusive album turned out to be residing in my car and as it turns out, the music was entirely in my mind. Which makes me wonder, what else is just a figment of my imagination?

The dog told me he wasn’t imaginary…

My parents on the other hand… I am starting to wonder, I mean, are there really people out there that are so entirely contradictive to themselves? It seems entirely plausible that my mind could be entirely messed up enough to fabricate their existence. “God loves everybody, except gays, trans people, and democrats.” “We will help you pay for college, here is $150 for tuition.” (Yeah for those that may think that $150 is a lot of money, it didn’t even pay for thee credit hours even when I was in college)…

In other news, I think it’s quite ironic that when you call the credit card company and tell them that you have lost your job and would like to repay your debt but will not be able to make payments until you are gainfully employed again, they tell you that they can not do anything to help you… Then, when you stop making payments because you still have no job, and therefore no income, they then try to reduce payments, and work with you.

Now if you don’t like conspiracy theories, then plug your ears, er eyes, for the next paragraph. In reality, what they are doing is making you default on your payments so they can jack up your interest rates to the “default penalty”. This is usually somewhere around 22-25%, they then try to con you back into making payments so they can keep your account open, and extort money from you claiming that you don’t want to mess up your credit. The reality is, by the time they jack up your rate to the default number, your credit is already jacked up. At any rate, if you choose not to play their game and fall into their trap, they start charging you late penalties until you meet your credit limit, and then start charging you over the limit fees as well for an additional six months to a year. This way, they can rack up charges on your account so that the account is delinquent for roughly double your principle. THEN the credit card company sells this bad debt to a collection agency for half of the balance which is by this time pretty much all of your principle. So at this point the only thing the credit card company actually loses is some time, and a small fraction of their principle, the rest of the “balance” is just tacked on fees. Its like if I lent you $5 today with the understanding that you would pay me back $6 next week, next week comes around you only pay me $5, I Haven’t technically lost anything, I just haven’t gained what I was promised. Or then I could turn around, and start charging you an additional dollar a week until your balance is now $10, I then sell this balance to another friend for $5 telling them that you actually owe me $10 and they stand to make a $5 profit by just collecting. IT IS ALL JUST A RACKET!

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