Friday, December 3, 2010

Will You be My Trans-friendly Neighbor?

So, I’m back! The Thanksgiving camping trip of doom is successfully completed, and I am currently on a recovery path to be back on track for the holiday festivities that I adore so much. In all honesty, the trip wasn’t all that bad, a little (okay a lot) less organized than I like for both camping trips and Thanksgiving dinners, but in the end, it all came together. A couple of us however did have to work our asses off to get to that point but such is life.

I don’t know if I let you all know this since it did coincide with the getting ready to go camping with a group of people with “no” camping gear; but I added progesterone in the form of Provera to my hormone cocktail. Despite the horror stories I have heard, so far so good. Though you might have to ask my friends for a truly third party sort of perspective. Hopefully it will “help” progress along.

On a side note unrelated to the Provera, I have spent almost a week now battling some sort of stomach bug that has been making my life miserable, top that off with a touch of a UTI and well, you can imagine what I have been feeling like. On the up side, I have gotten to catch up on some of the sleep I lost while camping, AND I have cranberry juice to mix into my apple juice, which really makes me happy!

In other news, Christmas time is upon us, this does happen to be my favorite part of the year. Just so much fun stuff going on concurrently. I hope that this year, while everybody is strapped for cash, will be loaded with fun stuff for everyone. For all of you bah-humbug-ers out there, it doesn’t have to be a lonely miserable holiday, so don’t make it that way!

My girlfriend came to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday, that part was AWESOME! It seems kind of ironic that I am so good a bottling up my emotions that I don’t seem to appreciate how miserable I am without her until she comes home<3 We didn’t really get to spend the amount of time doing the things what we really wanted to do, but there is something to be said for sleeping in each others embrace…

Aside from all of that stuff, the big move is on the horizon… If my girlfriend manages to land a decent job somewhere, I will be moving to be with her wherever she may be. This is a very scary proposition to me seeing that I have lived in the great state of Florida my entire life. I don’t really know any place else and am scared to death that people in other places treat “locals” the same way they treat me as a “tourist”…. Not bashing other places, but it seems from time to time that other states seem to have a less than hospitable approach to outsiders…. Granted you get that in Florida too, but I would be willing to bet a large percentage of the jerk-face population are not native…

I guess in reality land, I am just using the people excuse as just that, an excuse. There are so many uncertainties that I just don’t know what I should be thinking about. I really can’t wait to experience a new place, and start over meeting new people and try all the things that locals do. At the same time, what am I going to do if I struggle with making friends in the new city as I do in the city that I have practically lived in my entire life?

So, while job searching we have decided that wherever we move must be fairly trans friendly, and if not exactly trans friendly, at least trans safe…

Atlanta is the closest to home, but I am a little concerned about the isolation factor of Atlanta, being surrounded by rural Georgia which is not known for its tolerance. The other down side to Atlanta is that I have family there which is attractive to my less than accepting parents, however on the up side is that a lot of our college friends have made their way there and we (my girlfriend and I) would start off with a small little friend circle.

Washington DC is a little further from home, it is a hotbed of trans activity (which you might know how I feel about that double edge sword by this point), and has at least one guaranteed accepting relative. Now that’s not exactly a lot to build on, but I am sure that with a little involvement, that could turn into a fairly decent place to live. The down side is that it is a pretty darn expensive place to live, and well, we’re poor.
There is the Pacific Northwest, up there, like Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington, both of which are indicated as being fairly trans friendly but also an epicenter of amazing wilderness, which is a definite plus plus for me, but it is a few thousand miles away from anybody I know. We would be starting from absolute zero….

Then there is the great state of California, the land of fruits and nuts…. Yeah I guess I could fall into the category lol. At any rate, with crazy high cost of living, and fairly regular earthquakes (yes I know that Atlanta has earthquakes as well but not like California) it is at the bottom of my list. My girlfriends best friend is set to be moved out there by her current employer, so that would be a plus I guess, and while I do know a few people out there, I really haven’t seen most of them since college, and in most cases high school, that could be weird…

This is a call out to all of those that read this blog, and while I know that most of my hits are just my girlfriend being OCD, there are definitely some of you out there that can add some input to this topic. So DO IT!