Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Dead Sparrow

So, last night I went to my first "trans advocacy" meeting, it was okay, the concept rocks and I hope that with a few more visits I can actually get up to speed and get involved. TRUE!

So at any rate, today’s story starts with a FML moment. I was doing laundry this morning and decided to clean out the lint trap. Now normally you just pull out the screen and scrape off the lint, however this time I noticed a big clump a lint beyond the screen. Now me, having a healthy respect for 220V electricity, lead me to start off my un-plugging the dryer. Of course to un-plug the dryer you must move it away from the wall, which I did. I then cleaned out the lint trap and beyond. As I went to plug the dryer back in, I noticed that the exhaust duct had popped off while I was moving the dryer, so I grabbed the aluminum foil tube, and went to push it back on and noticed this:

Yup, that is a pair of feet and tail feathers belonging to one dead bird, not exactly a dead duck but definitely enough to make me hate my luck…..

In other news, we are well into week two of full time living as myself, and honestly its going pretty damn good! Of course like with everything in life, not exactly perfect, but all in all, it’s at least well enough to keep pushing forward.

Today, before the birdie incident, I sent out a handful of email forms regarding consultations for laser hair removal. In a trans woman’s life, this is a huge milestone as shaving in the manner in which you must in order to at least barely pass is anything but good for your face. As some of you may already know, but most likely most of you do not, my face is very VERY sensitive and tends to blister and peel after a close shave of the razor variety.  This can not continue or else I will go insane!

On a side note. it seems odd that before going full time, it was so much easier to feel pretty. I know it sounds sort of counter intuitive, but seriously, everything that used to make me feel better about myself via “dressing” is just routine at this point. THIS SUCKS! I mean seriously, if I can’t get joy out of the basics of life, what the heck am I supposed to do?

What I am talking about is just basically feeling good about myself just by the simple things, and while the “simple” things used to be stuff like being me, and just the act of spending time on myself being myself. Today, I do that every day and while this makes me happier than ever, it sort of undermines another smaller part of myself. What is someone supposed to do to regain the pretty feeling without facing a major change?

And finally to wrap this up, this weekend we are expecting some company in town, these will be our first house crashers since I’ve gone fulltime. I really am excited and scared about what all of this will mean to my daily ritual, or even how I approach taking care of myself and my presentation…. I hope everything will work out and all will be a success! Wish me luck!

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