Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Delayed Posts And Flights

So, this will be a first for me… A blog from the air, as I am in fact onboard flight 2674 bound for Washington D.C.’s very own Ronald Regan National Airport. If you are not a frequent flier of sorts, you may not know this but flying into Regan at night is amazing.

Most of the airspace around the nations capital is highly restricted which leaves the only approach to the airport along a narrow corridor over the Potomac River, around a couple very popular national monuments and then into a steep approach into the runway.

So, even though I know you’re not wondering, I will be in DC from now until the 4th which is awesome as I get to spend New Years Eve with my girlfriend. The time that we have spent apart while she has been working her internship has been absolutely miserable and while I know it is an investment in our future, it really is challenging every day we are apart.

In other news, the meds have been kicking my butt lately, and while I really do appreciate the results, it is really REALLY difficult to get up and go. I don’t really know if this is a common side effect or if it’s just me being lazy but I find is almost impossible to get myself out of bed when until my body is damn well ready, which may be hours after I am emotionally ready.

Speaking of results, I actually have genuine boobies at this point. I’m not talking about the kind you get from eating junk food and watching too much TV, but the real kind… WOO FREAKIN HOO! This once again comes with it’s own series of problems, like what the heck to do with them… They need to be embraced and loved for the all their glory, but at the same time, they need to be coddled and nurtured so that they may grow and blossom. Hey, I suppose everybody has a fascination with boobies, despite how they may pretend not to.

So far I have noticed that my long standing aversion to the mirror is found a small piece of Kryptonite. After years and years and YEARS of avoiding looking in the mirror whenever possible, I actually caught myself checking out my own bod…. CREEPY! I have still not overcome the last quarter of my body however, that one is likely going to take a lot more than hormones can overcome.

At any rate, I am going to save this, and post it a little later, so until then…

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